TruLine investigators are passionate truth seekers and provide high quality and discreet support for all matters large and small.  Our team specializes in high profile, sensitive and complex investigations. As our client, you become our priority, and will not be treated as a number, which is often the case with many public safety and investigative agencies.  Our aim is to represent your interests by conducting thorough, decisive, and comprehensive investigations.  Upon conclusion of our investigation, we will provide a detailed, professional report coupled with expert advice, enabling you to make informed and calculated decisions directed at resolving your issue.

Although not all-inclusive, we offer the following more common investigative consulting services:

  • Private Investigations/Detective Services
  • Background Checks/Investigation into persons/companies/organizations
  • Fact Checking
  • Supplemental Investigation / Research
  • Criminal / Civil / Administrative Case Reviews
  • Liaison with Law Enforcement

In addition to our private investigations, we offer customized solutions to enhance safety and security for you, your family, property, and reputation.  Although not all-inclusive we provide the following more common security consulting services: 

  • Vulnerability and Threat Assessments
  • Threat Mitigation Strategies
  • International Travel Security
  • Special Security Services to protect assets and reputation

Watching surveillance footage
Surveillance camera

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